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“I Want You To Meet Amazing Women, But More Than That, I Want You To Amaze And Inspire Women Into Passionate Devotion To YOU…”
Lead Women Into Passionate Experiences, Not Only For You, But For Their Sake As Well!

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If you’re serious about becoming the type of guy that can give women unforgettable experiences… the type of deeply desired emotional connection, laughter, adventure as well as heart-pounding, body-pulsating sexual experiences, that has her literally weeping in gratitude for having met you…

… then read on.

You don’t want to settle for merely “attracting” women. Yes, that’s the first step. But then you want to LEAD her – you want to lead her deeper into her own truth and all the beauty she has to offer.

You want to lead her into a deep connection with you – so she knows she can TRUST you as a man.

You want to lead her into a state of appreciation and admiration of you – a man who inspires her minute by minute – by dint of your knowledge, your skills, your openness.

This comes from training. And I have these Advanced Trainings ready for you here.

I have put together a very unique complete system so you can gain the Ironclad Confidence that you know what to do and what to say.

So you can stop worrying about knowing how to keep her, once you’ve got her.

So you can stop worrying that you won’t know how to lead her deeper, deeper into her heart, deeper into sensual immersion, deeper into the kind of connection she is yearning for but can’t find with other men.

I will share with you my advanced techniques and action steps. These are practices I have honed an used and are and 100% effective.
This is an opportunity for you to learn from my trial and error, and avoid the most common MISTAKES.

This is your chance to accelerate your success with meeting, attracting, connecting, and most importantly, INSPIRING the sexiest women you CHOOSE to want.


In this unique interactive website, as with all of the other components of the Foundations Of Attract, Connect, Inspire system, you will learn EXACTLY what it takes to arouse this inspired desire in women, and how you can take your dating life to heights you never imagined were possible.

You are going to love cruising through the content in the training ground, and I look forward to giving you as much interactive coaching as I can.

Before I get too far ahead of myself of the features of the training ground… we will get back to that in just a second… first let me tell you about ALL of the components of Foundations Of Attract, Connect, Inspire – The Complete System…

Introducing The ACI360 Elite Training Ground

As you can see, there is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and coaching just waiting at your finger tips here with this training ground, and these are just a few of the many benefits that come with your exclusive membership…

Here is a small sneak preview of what the brand new ACI 360 training ground has to offer. Once you are one of the lucky few to get their hands on one of these 250 trial memberships, you will find in the training ground:

Every month I will send you a copy of your very own ACI Life 360 Newsletter which is stocked full of the best tips and techniques for what is working today, right now! It is also loaded with action steps designed to get you out of the house, and onto the dating scene. Take action now!

Inside the membership area each month you will receive a special audio training program that touches on one of the ACI360 core principles… Attract, Connect, or Inspire. You are gonna wanna keep an eye on this one, because you never know what special guests will be dropping by to share their thoughts…

• Expert Insights – Speaking of Experts stopping by… our constantly updated library of exclusive bonus content from the dating communities top dating gurus and coaches, gives you an unlimited resource for expanding your education on success with women.

• Q&A Interactivity – This is my favorite part, because it puts me in close one on one interactive contact with you on a daily basis. It is simple… you login whenever you like, and post your questions in our interactive Q&A coaching area, and I answer them! As a member of the ACI360 training ground I am making myself readily available to you, to answer your toughest and most challenging questions. You must overcome anything that is holding you back from having success in this area of your life… and I am here to help!

Again, this is just a small taste of what is inside the members area, and there is more to come in the additional benefits the training ground has to offer later.

Bonus #1:

Deep Online Attraction shows you how to create a profile that spurs women to write you FIRST – because you demonstrate – totally unlike all the boring men’s profiles out there – that you are a man of thought, boldness, sensuality, passion and direction.  So she writes you – then what????   To escalate her excitement to meet you, you need the DOA Response Toolkit – a whole collection of ways to respond to her email – to tease, to teach, to intrigue, to create more mystery – and most important to lead her with confidence into meeting you on your terms.  Women HATE men who don’t have a plan and this toolkit will accelerate you into being the leader that turn womb on.

Bonus #2:

This program will reveal how you can effortlessly attract, connect, and inspire the world’s highest quality women. I will show you how to “Trigger Attraction”, build a “Genuine Connection” and “Inspire Devotion” with a beautiful women of your choosing. You will also learn that success is not about genetics or upbringing, it’s not about money or success, but that it is about something far deeper – and it is something that you can learn.

Bonus #3:

Not everyone feels confident all the time.  But like a great debater or negotiator, once you have these verbal techniques of turning any conversation into a playground where YOU lead and she follows, you will never shy away from talking to any girl again.  It’s a little like magic, but we as humans are predictable, and with these Confident Conversation Tactics, she will see you as a natural leader, a thoughtful conversationalist and someone she will want to reveal herself to — because — unlike before, now she TRUSTS you.

Bonus #4:

What does it mean to say YES! to everything?  Tantra is an ancient practice of taking ALL parts of life – including food, drink, fear and SEX – and turning them into an opportunity to connect more deeply, to feel more deeply.  In this introductory work, I offer you a reframe – so that you can bring yourself and your women (woman) into using YES as a pathway, of not giving in to fear or shame, and seeing just how much love you can experience together.


Bonus #5:

Take this credit and come to any of my live weekend events – The Communications Intensive, The Boldness Code, or anything else I offer.

All of this is yours today – for just $5. That’s it. If you like it as much as I think you will, then do nothing and you’ll be biled just $37 per month. And again, it’s backed by my 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.


Listen, I know that this program works, as do the hundreds of customers who have already experienced it’s power first hand. At the same time, I understand that you still may be skeptical, so I want to do everything I can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you. For that reason, I’m extending to you my 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. I’m so confident in this program on confidence, if you don’t think it’s worth twice your investment, write me anytime within 60 days and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked, no hassles, no hoops to jump through.

So take 30 days to test-drive the ACI 360 Elite Training Ground. You must be absolutely delighted with the information inside – or just let me know and I’ll ensure you’re never charged another penny for membership.

And of course, the bonuses mentioned on this page are yours to keep – completely without cost or obligation – in the unlikely event you decide that this training is not for you.

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After 30 days your $5 trial will convert to our membership price of $37 per month. Cancel anytime with our no hassle, one click cancellation. 

To your best life,
Adam Gilad

P.S. With our 60 day 100% Money-back Guarantee, I’ve decided to give you 60 risk-free days to discover how this is the easiest, most powerful tool for creating confidence in yourself and for bringing in beautiful, evolved, and amazing women into your life.

Remember, these principles and techniques work especially if you don’t feel confident now — and they work regardless of your looks, age, height, income, or anything else.  Women are waiting for you to “step up” – and just show that you get what it means to convey solidity with them.  You just have to follow these steps.